About LorWin
LorWin is a small 'hobby' kennel with emphasis placed on showing
dogs that are within their respective breed standard. We breed very
carefully planned litters and always for ourselves first. Whether
buying or breeding, we strive to keep each of our 2 breeds within
their breed standard as regulated by the Canadian Kennel Club, of
which we are also a member.

LorWin was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 2000
however Lorette has been involved with Shelties since 1981 when
she purchased her first sable boy, Charnight's Mumford Maximillian
C.D. and started in the Junior Handling and obedience rings.

Lorette still sponsors Juniors today as she insists that the Juniors are
the future of our sport!

The Havanese entered our lives in 2005 and their numbers are
growing in the house! :)

All of the dogs live in the house, are allowed in every room and even
up on the furniture.  And yes this includes all of the client dogs who
visit as well. Outside the dogs have a large fenced grass covered
yard with covered graveled dog runs
as well.

The puppies whelped at LorWin are raised in the living room and are
handled daily to provide them with as much stimulation and
socialization as possible ensuring sound temperaments.

With various client "show" dogs, dogs coming in for pet sitting and/or
grooming as well as a few chosen females coming in to visit our stud
dogs, we take pride in the fact that  all of our dogs are very well
socialized, have extremely good temperaments are super easy
to live with.