With Thanks...
In Life...

Lorette respects one person more than any other in the world...

Doreen Snowden (
MiOwn Shih Tzu) was involved in showing, training
and breeding Shih Tzu for over 30 years and had done extremely well
in both the conformation and obedience rings with her dogs - proving
that Shih Tzu, like Shelties, are more than just beauty - they are brains
as well. And that they don't have to live in an ex- pen to grow coat!

Doreen currently has a new breed, a Brussels Griffon and she is very
excited to announce that "Jackson" is now a Canadian Champion!

I would like to give special thanks to my number one mentor, not only
in dogs but more importantly in life itself. May I make you as proud of
me as I am to call you my friend, my mentor, my Mom.

In Dogs...

We have been very blessed with meeting many friends in this breed -
some close and some too far away...

Robin Clemas (
Hoodwink Shelties) has been involved in the Sheltie
breed for more than 40 years. She has bred numerous Champions in all
levels of the sport; conformation, obedience, agility and herding are
just a few of the venues Robin's dogs appear in regularily. She has
taught me the importance of structure, pedigrees and above all else, to
never compromise your ethics and morals!

I would like to thank Robin (aka Momm Murphy) for always being there,
through the thick and the thin, the good times and  the not so good
times... I truly do love being "Welcomed to your World!"


Thank you to all who keep me in this sport and striving towards the
betterment of my dogs, as well as myself, I really do appreciate you all!

Joan McMurphy, Margaret Little, Marilyn Nasadyk - thank you for
getting me involved in this sport, teaching me ethics, moral and good
sportsmanship... you are the reason I still sponsor Juniors to this day!
As the saying goes, I believe we have come full circle now.

And also a huge thank you goes out to my favorite vets, Dr. Markus
Barth ( Animals First - Grande Prairie, AB) and Dr. Fiona Kilpatrik and
Dr. Tara Zacher (Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic) for all they have done with
our 'kids' and most of all for putting up with me as a client!