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The year went by so fast that I really never kept up with all the wins. We finished the
Canadian Championship and Canadian Grand Championship on GCH "Preston" and
were very honored to show many client dogs and attain points on all.

Another first for LorWin was provided to us by our very own homebred girl, Ch "Mia" who
came home with
3 All Breed Best Veteran in Shows and finished #1 Veteran Sheltie in
Canada! So proud! Thank you Ms Quinn Olsen for showing her to one of those wins as well

We also had a few heartbreaks along the way as we lost our amazing home bred boy Ch
"Nova" and our GCHEX "Benson". Two boys whose paw prints are forever in our hearts.

We also had a few surprises, we made a quick trip to Winnipeg to meet a great  friend of
ours and came home with four more Havanese. We played with one of the boys "Ollie" a few
weekends and he amazed us winning

We have plans on breeding in 2020 and will promise to keep our website a little more
updated in the future!  All the  "BEST" in the New Year.In 2020!


December 7 - 9
For the last show of our year we went to Red Deer, Ab with Channing and he picked up 2
Select Dog ribbons under Robert Shreve and Gael Morison and a Best of Breed and Group
3rd under Lucie Paradis. We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for LorWin!

It has been a very long time but another blue has been purchased for LorWin Kennels.
Thank you Zesta for allowing Mr. Preston to come join our home.

October 26 - 28
After 3 months off we took our client Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Corsa, to the fall Camrose, AB
show where she picked up Winners Bitch under Ted Fahlgreen and Best of Opposite Sex
and Winners Bitch under judge Jon Cole.

July 12 - 15
This was another Sheltie-less weekend. Instead we had a client Puli, McGee. He picked up
all 4 Best of Breeds and one Group 2nd under judge Maribel Sy.

June 22 - 23
We were in the old stomping grounds of Grande Prairie - first time I have ever done this
show without a Sheltie.

We had a client Havanese we affectionately called Rodney, he won Best of Opposite Sex
under Honey Glendinning, Best of Breed and Group 4th under Linda Kraft and Select Dog
ribbons under William and Judith Byrne.

June 1 - 4
Back to Alberta, Edmonton this time.  The girls have returned to California so we only had
Channing at this show and. Thank you to Linda Scanlon for the Select Dog win and
Raymond Filburn for the nod to Best of Breed win - this gives him his

May 19 - 21
Off to Fort St. John BC (well Taylor actually) for 6 shows over a 3 day period.

Under judge Lee Anne Bateman Channing was awarded Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed
and Best Puppy in Group. She also awarded Solana  the Reserve Winners Bitch ribbon.

Judge Brenton Wright awarded Channing Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy
in Group and a Group 2nd. He went on to give our second California visitor, the sable bitch
Miss Suni the Winners Bitch ribbon for her first Canadian points and Reserve Winners bitch
to our other visitor Miss Solana.

Thomas Nesbitt awarded Channing Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in
Group and a Group 4th and Miss Suni the Reserve Winners Bitch ribbon.

David Smartwood awarded Miss Suni Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and a Group 4th. Miss
Solana was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch and Channing picked up Select Dog and Best
Puppy in Breed.

Janet Lobb awarded Channing Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and a Group 4th. Miss
Solana picked up Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to finish her

Joe Lobb awarded Miss Suni Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and a Group
2nd to finish her
CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in only 1 weekend! Thank you Jennifer
Raymaakers for all your help this very busy weekend! Solana was Reserve Winners Bitch
and Channing won Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed.

May 11 - 14
Back into Alberta, Okotoks to be exact where Channing was awarded Select Dog under
Terill Udenberg and Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Opposite sex under Doug Windsor.

May 4 - 6
Off to Saskatoon, SK  where Channing picked up 2 more Best Puppy in Breed and 2 more
Best Puppy in Group ribbons. Thank you judges Gopi Krishnan amd Kenneth Chuah.

April 6 - 8
This weekend in Red Deer Channing was given the nod for the Select Dog and Best Puppy
in Breed ribbons by Roger Hartinger.

March 23 - 25
This weekend was what we call our 'local' show as it is only 35 minutes away, Camrose AB.
We once again brought out our bi-blue bitch from CA and Miss Solana picked up 3 Best of
Opposite and Winners Bitch Ribbons to pick up her first Canadian points.

Not to be out done our Channing picked up 2 Select Dog ribbons and a Best of Breed, Best
Puppy in Breed and onto Group 4th and Best Puppy in Group placements. So proud of him!

Thank you to our judges Terry Carter, Gail Forsythe and James Reynolds!

March 9 - 11
We went to Prince Albert with Channing and came home with Best Puppy in Breed (Letita
Bett) and a Select Dog (Ann Hennigan) ribbons

January 19 - 21
One of our visitors from California made her Canadian debut and won RWB in Calgary
under Rita Walker.

Channing attended his first Sheltie Specialty and did us proud winning a 5 point major from
the puppy class going Winners Dog and Best of Winners under breeder judge Nancy
Tibben (Golden Hylites). Our home bred male, Nova was also awarded Veteran Male at the
same Specialty! We had a fantastic weekend!

We have welcomed a new edition in our home. A sable male Sheltie puppy named Porter
(Zesta Cover Story) and are looking forward to playing in the puppy ring all year long.

We also welcomed a second sable male Sheltie puppy named Channing (Zesta Step Up)
and are excited about him coming out to play with Lorette in 2018!

November 24 - 26
Our newest addition, Channing, turned 6 months old on November 24th and what better way
to spend your birthday than at a dog show! Unfortunately Lorette had no holiday time left so
off he went to his first 6 shows with co-breeder Jennifer de Boer.

He came home with many ribbons which included, 6 1st place Junior Puppy class ribbons, 2
Reserve Winner Dog ribbons, 2 Winners Dog ribbons, 1 Best of Winners, 1 Best Puppy in
Breed and 1 Best Puppy in Group and 7 points towards his championship!

Thank you to Jennifer  de Boer, Diane Lynas, Bev Klassen, Trina Neil, Connie Krohn and
Shannon Scheer for helping out with him when Jenn was at the emergency dentist!

November 3 - 5
We went to visit Nana and stayed to do the Red Deer, AB (RDDKC) show. We took GCh
Nova and Ch Porter. Gunnar Nymann found Porter in a wonderful line up and awarded him
Best puppiy in Breed. Huge thank you to Lor iAnn Fischer for handling with us this weekend!

October 27 - 20
We got to stay in our own beds every night as we played in Camrose, AB this past weekend

The first day saw Porter Puppy become a CHAMPION! He picked up his last 3 points under
Mr. Grant Townsend. Ms Kate Leitch and Ms Jennifer Raymaakers took the reins from there
as Lorette also had GCh Nova there. He won 2 Best of Breeds and also 1 Group 4th. It was
a great weekend for LorWin!

September 8 - 11
Just Porter Puppy and Lorette went to this show, the first time in 13 years we never took a
Havanese! Loco has been retired and is loving his well deserved hair cut now. We came
home with a few Reserve Winner Dog ribbons but no luck on any points... maybe next time?

August 4 - 7
We played at the Alberta Kennel Club show this past weekend and came home with another
2 points on Porter puppy putting his total up to 7! Thank you Mr. John Rowton for this win.

July 13 - 16
Off to the EKKOC shows held in Calgary, AB had GCh Loco winning 3 Select Male ribbons
and Porter 2 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th in a quality packed Junior Puppy Class, Thanks to
Jennifer Raymaakers and Hanna Campbell for your help this weekend!

June 2 - 5
We attended the NACA shows, located in Edmonton, AB and GCh Loco came home with 5
Best of Opposite ribbons and Porter came home with a ribbon of every colour including the
purple and gold which gave him hist first Best of Winners for 5 points. Thank you Ms.
Sharon Redmer!

May 20 - 22
We headed off to Fort St. John with GCh Loco and our baby puppy Porter. We came away
extremely happy. Loco was awarded 5 Best of Breeds, 1 Best of Opposite, 2 Group 4ths, 1
Group 1st and one
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW! Thank you Mr. Walter Pinsker for this

Our Porter Puppy came home with 6 Best Baby Puppy in Breeds and 3 Best Baby Puppy in
Groups and one
BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW!! Thank you Mrs. Patricia Lanctot, so glad
to see others as  excited for this amazing young dog as we are!

April 1 - 2
This weekend we attended the shows in Red Deer, Alberta. GCh Loco continued to do us
proud by winning 1 Best of Opposite Sex and 1 Select Male.
Baby Porter also had a great time and came home with 2 more Best Baby Puppy in Breeds!
Can't wait for this little man to hit 6 months and start playing for the points!

March 24 - 26
We attended the Camrose dog show and had a lot of catching up to do with old friends and
enjoyed meeting new ones too!

GCh Loco did us very proud winning 1 Best of Breed and a Group 4th in strong toy
competition and then a Select Male ribbon the next day.
Baby Porter had his debut in the Baby Puppy ring and day 1 he not only won Best Baby
Puppy in Breed but went on to win Best Baby Puppy in Group! We were so proud! The
following day he won 2nd in his class and had a great time in the ring.

This year we decided to take a break from the ring, may be out later this fall - will see which
way the wind blows us. Wishing all our friends, mentors and students a great and successful
dog show season!


Nov 7 - 8, 2015
Lorette and GCh Loco were off playing in Red Deer, AB this weekend and came home with
two more Best Puppy in Breeds We are so proud of the puppy career this young promising
boy has had. Loco will be taking a little break from the show ring while he grows his new
adult specials coat but will be back in the show ring when ready. See you then - and thanks
to all those who have supported us ringside these past 6 months, its been a great ride so

Oct 23 - 25, 2015
Baby Ch Loco and Lorette attended the Battle River shows held in Camrose, AB and came
home with a
GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP! Loco picked up 2 Best of Opposites, 2 Best Puppy
in Breeds and 1 Select Male ribbon! Super proud of our little man, he has achieved so much
in such a short time - can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Sept 11 - 13, 2015
Attended the CKOC shows in Cochrane with Loco and 2 cute client Shelties! Baby Ch Loco
won 2 more Best of Breeds, 2 more Best Puppy in Breeds and 1 Select Male.

Jenn de Boer and Laura Thompson (Zesta Shelties) asked me to help out with 2 of their
gorgeous girls... the tri baby Zesta Euphoria (Rory) was RWB day 1, on day 2  she went
Best of Winners, Best of Breed over Specials, and Best Puppy in Breed (to finish her
Canadian Championship!) and day 3, debuting as a Special, she won Best of Opposite,
Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group! The sable baby Dyna ( Zesta Dynasty)
continually improved her rankings every days, going from a 2nd in class on day 1, then day
2 achieving a 1st in class and then on day 3 she won the point going Winners Female!
Congrats to the breeder's and owners!

Aug 6 - 9, 2015
Had a fantastic time at the EKC shows and even managed to sneak in an evening outing for
the Top Dog Dinner hosted by the Canadian Professional Handler's Association. Totally
enjoyed seeing an old friend, "Mamma Regina" once again - it's been far too long since our
last visit! ;)

GCh Nova did us proud once again picking up another Best of Breed and 2 more Select
Dog Ribbons, special thanks to Darlene Wile-Chaulk who stepped in and showed Nova for
me when Lorette had a conflict in the Hav ring.

Ch Loco was amazing picking up his first Best of Breed win as well as 2 more Best of
Opposite, 1 Select Dog and 3 Best Puppy in Breed wins.

July 3 - 5, 2015
We packed the van and headed off to beautiful Cold Lake, AB for the weekend. Loco is now
Canadian Champion at only 7 months of age picking up another 5 points winning all 6
BOS and WD ribbons. So super stoked for this 7 month old baby - his future looks fantastic!

Nova also came back out to play and picked up 3 more Best of Breeds, 2 Group 2nds and 1
Group 4th, 2 Select Dogs and 1 BOS. He is just starting his Specials career and we are
going to continuing having fun with him for some time to come!

June 5 - 8, 2015
Baby Loco finally got to play in the 'real' ring this weekend and did a superb job picking up 6
points by winning 2 BOW and 1 BOS over a Special and a RWD! We are so proud of this
young man - can't wait to keep playing in the puppy ring with him!

Nova also came out for the weekend and we couldn't have been any happier with him - he
showed his heart out for us and picked up a Best of Breed, a BOS and 2 Select Males and
then to top it off he went BOS under respected breeder judge Nancy Tibben at the Sheltie
Specialty! So excited to have this boy back out and looking forward to playing with him more
this year!

March 27 - 29, 2015
Cao came out for the Battle River Shows and did very well after his winter off, winning all 3
Best of Breeds and 1 Group 4th (thank you Karen Chant, Cheryl Meyers-Egerton and
Michael Hill)

This show was also the debut of our newest addition, our Cao son, Loco. He did us very
proud winning both Best Baby Puppy in Groups that he was entered in. All the comments we
received on out youngster have us even more anxious to get him into the real ring! Watch
for this boy - he's going to be a lot of fun (and trouble!) LOL!

Nova also made his adult debut at this show picking up his first Select Dog award of the year.


November 21, 2014
Cao just had one more important matter to finish up this year - becoming a proven stud dog!
Congratulations to Deb Clark (Henwrach Kennels) on the arrival of 3 stunningly gorgeous
puppies. The 2 females and 1 male are being superbly cared for by their dam, the stunning
Arriba, also known as CH Hycrest Picturesque, RN, CGN. What a wonderful way to finish our
year - we are already looking forward to 2015!!!

October  24 - 26, 2014
We attended the closest show we have now, our final one of 2014, in Camrose, AB. Cao is
finally finished with his puppy coat blow and did us proud winning 2 more Best of Breeds
(Mr. Stephen Hubbell and Mr Richard Lopaschuk) as well as 1 more Best of Opposite (Ms
Geraldine Taylor).

August 14 - 17, 2014
Cameron  and Lorette decided to use their work holidays and head to Winnipeg to attend
the Havanese National, the Havanese Specialty as well as a Toy Dog Specialty and 4 All
Breed Shows. We were met there by our US friends and Cao's breeders, Dave and Darlene
Scheiris. We had a great visit, saw alot of great dogs and were able to watch Dave and his
beautiful girl Selena win breed at the Nationals! Cao was considered for breed at the All
Breed but instead was satisfied to take home Select Male under Mr Robert Denis. We had a
great time and are looking forward to the next time already!

July 25 - 27, 2024
We decided to do one more quick trip this month so off to Prince George we went. Cao and
Lorette with 1 Best of Breed (Ms Sue Badick), 3 Best of Opposite (Mr Bob Whitney, Mrs
Elaine Whitney and Mr Rick Fehler) as well as 2 Select Male ribbons (Mr Wayne Thompson
and Ms Leanne Bateman). We would like to thank Kathy McLaughlin, Joan McMurphy and
Michelle Gaudet for all their assistance over the weekend.

July 4 - 6, 2014
Off to Cold Lake we went. Lorette was assisting a professional handler for the weekend and
ended up grooming, handling and even finishing a few of the client dogs. We had Shih Tzu,
Min Pins, a Yorkie, Havanese, a Westie and a Norwich Terrier. The days were long and
exhausting but Lorette learned alot and Cao made her extremely proud by  bringing home
the majority of the ribbons for our set up!

Cao was awarded 5 Breeds and 1 Best of Opposite (congrats to our student Deb Clark and
her girl Summer). Cao then went on to win 3 more Group 2nds (thank you Ms Carol
Graham, Ms Nancy Popovich and Mr Bruce Owen) as well as 2 more Group 1sts! Thank you
Ms Kathleen Anderson Wulff and Ms Linda Kraft.

In only 4 weekends out our stunning little boy is sitting at # 3 Havanese in Canada - to say
we are pleased would be an understatement!

We are so glad to see and hear that the judges are reading  and understanding the
Illustrated Havanese Standard book as offered by the Havanese Club of Canada. An
excellent resource to clear up any confusion!

June 27 - 29, 2014
Our old stomping grounds of Grande Prairie proved to be another winning weekend for us!
Cao and Lorette picked up 3 Best of Breeds and 2 Group 2nds (thank you Joe and Janet
Lobb) as well as 2 Best of Opposite Sex (yes, we only entered 5 shows).

Our client Sheltie "Kino" is no longer a puppy  but still managed to pull off 6 Best of
Opposites wins. Congratulations Ms Miley and Quinn on all your Breed wins as well as your
Group 3rd and 4th placements!

It was a great weekend despite the rainy weather on Sunday (GP's first outside shows!) and
so much fun was had visiting all my friends - miss you all so much!!!

May 17 - 19, 2014
Well we were off to Fort St John, BC and what a pleasant surprise - NO snow this year! Yay!

We had Cao with us once again and he picked up 4 more Best of Breeds, 2 more Group
2nds and a Select Dog, thank you Mr Walter Pinsker,  Mr Garry Allen, Ms Kim Ramey
LeBlanc, Ms Phyllis Pancel and Ms Natalie Dunfee.

We also had the pleasure of taking 11 month old "Kino", a tri male Sheltie aka Zesta New
Release owned and loved by Laura Thompson, Jennifer de Boer and Anja Neumann (the #1
mom) He did the Zesta crew very proud by winning Breed over Specials not once but twice
to pick up 7 points over the weekend! He was also awarded a Group 2nd (Ms Kim Ramey
LeBlanc), a Group 3rd (Ms Phyllis Pancel), 3 Best Puppy in Group (Ms Kim Ramey LeBlanc,
Ms Phyllis Pancel and Mr Bill Wakely) and 4 Reserve Winners Dog! Congrats to the owners
of this very fun loving boy - he was a riot to show and play with both in and outside the ring.

Congratulation also to our Ms Miley (formerly Mia aka Ch LorWin's Mamma Mia) and her
handler Quinn Olsen on picking up more Best of Breed and Best of Opposite ribbons! As
always you both looked so beautiful!

May 3 - 4, 2014
We had an excellent weekend over in Burns Lake, BC. After a 14 hour drive we came home
with some beautiful big ribbons as well as a

Congratulations to Serena Marshall whose bi-black Sheltie is now known as Can Ch.
Shantel's Tequila Town! "Quila" picked up another 8 points over the weekend by winning 1
BOS over Specials as well as 3 Best of Winners , finishing on 12 points. Thank you Ms
Ainslie Mills, Mr Richard Lopaschuk and Mr Tim Doxtater.

We also took our Havanese out for a little play time, just to keep his head in the game and
are very proud to have come home with 3 Group 2nds, 1 Group 1st and a
Thank you so much to Mr. Richard Lopaschuk for the honor.

April 4 - 6, 2014
Red Deer , AB: We had the same 2 client dogs as our last show with even better results!

Sassycreek N' Chickadee's Sammy is now a
NEW CHAMPION finishing in style by winning
Best of Opposite Sex twice over Specials, as well as picking up Winner's Dog twice before
being moved into the Specials ring. Thank you Dr Dick Meen, Dr Teril Udenberg and Dr
John Reeve-Newson for helping Sammy to finish in only 2 weekends out. Sammy has gone
back home to his family now.

And Tequila made us very proud winning his class all 3 trips into the ring including picking
up Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first 4 Canadian points! Thank you Ms Val
Hansen, Ms Diedre McKinnon and Dr John Reeve-Newson. We anticipate a quick finish for
the gorgeous young male as well.

March 21 - 23, 2014
Camrose, AB: We have a new visitor, he is a young male Havanese that goes by the name
'Sammy'. He did us very proud by winning all 3 Best of Winners and picking up 8 points his
first weekend in the ring and we expect him to finish his championship very quickly. Thank
you Ms Olga Gagne, Mr Shawn Nichols and Ms Nancy Popovich for the wins.

Our other new visitor comes to us all the way from California, USA He is a stunning bi-black
male Sheltie, Shantel's Tequila Town, or "Quila" as we affectionately refer to him. Making his
debut in Camrose this weekend he did us very proud by winning 2nd in the Open Male class
all 3 days! Thank you Ms Nancy Popovich, Mr William Gunn and Ms Olga Gagne. We
believe this boy will finish his Canadian title very quickly! Thanks Serena Marshall for
entrusting us with another one of your beautiful dogs.

January 4, 2014
Well our old  Sheltie-man Ruckus wanted one more trip around the ring so we took him to
the Sheltie Specialty held in Calgary, AB. No one could believe our boy was 11 1/2 years old
already - he still moves like he did winning all those Best in Shows! Thank you breeder
judge Ms. JoAnne Pavey for awarding him 1st in the 10+ Veteran male class - we loved
every second of it!


November 1 - 3, 2013
Cao and Lorette headed south to Red Deer, AB for another 2 Best of Breeds, a Group 2nd
and a Group 4th. Thank you Ms Judith Byrne and Ms Deborah Graffman. With such limited
showing we are so prod of our little man who ended up #3 Havanese in Canada, not bad for
only 13 weekends out - imagine the future!!!

October 25 - 27, 2013
Camrose, AB - the closest show we had to home proved to be another great success for
Cao. He picked up all 3 Best of Breeds and came home with another Group 1st and 2 more
Group 2nds. Thank you Dr. Michael Woods, Mr. Christian Gomez and Mr. Richard Paquette
- this boy just keeps getting better and better as he matures.

September 27 - 29, 2013
Cao showed his stuff once again in Lloydminster and won all 6 Best of Breeds and brought
home 4 more Group placements. Two Group 2nds (Mr. Alan Ewles and Mr. Karsten
Kaemling), a Group 3rd (Ms Geraldine Taylor) and a Group 4th (Mr. Charlie Bett)

September 13 - 15, 2013
Winning all 3 Best of Breeds over some very nice competition in Calgary, AB, Lorette and
Cao also came home with a Group 4th - thank you Ms Margaret Jones.

September 2, 2013
Cao and Lorette jumped on another plane and flew to Halifax, NS to compete at the
Canadian Nationals. Congratulations to Cao's breeders, Dave and Darlene Scheiris for
winning BOB and BOS! Way to go Team! Cao did us all proud and was in contention every
step of the way and finally beat all the big winners on the last day of the all breeds, winning
Breed and a Group 3rd. Thank you Ms Ainslie Mills

August 10 - 11, 2013
After a flight home Friday Cao and Lorette attended the EKC shows in Edmonton, AB and
picked up 2 Best of Opposite Sex. Now we have a few weekends to relax before heading out
east! See you at the National!

August 6 - 8, 2013
Lorette and Cao hopped on a plane and flew to Courtenay, BC for the Glacier View shows.
There were 3 all breed shows and 1 Toy Dog Specialty - where they placed Select Dog all 4
times. Thank you has to go out to our friends, Tricia, Nicole and Kathy for all the assistance
during our very fast trip!

July 26 - 28, 2013
We attended the Prince George, BC dog show and came home more than excited.
Firstly we had taken our home bred Sheltie, Mia to meet up with her long time friend, and
junior handler, Miss Quinn Olsen. Quinn and Mia wowed us all by using their 'practice run' to
start and finish Mia's
Canadian Championship in only 1 weekend (first time in a show ring
as well!) - and were winning the breed over Specials all along the way! They also took 2
Group placements - thank you Mr Tom Alexander (Group 4th) and Ms Mary White - for the
Group 3rd to finish in style!

*As a side note, the bond that Mia and Quinn have was so undeniable to all who were lucky
enough to witness,  that Cameron and Lorette made the decision to give Mia to Quinn!
Watch for these two furthering that bond in a Specials ring near you in the years to come!

Cao and Lorette also played and won all 6 Best of Breeds, 3 Group 2nds, 1 Group 3rd and
1 Group 4th. Thank you to all the judges who see what we can in this young dog.

July 5 - 7, 2013
This weekend Lorette and Cao attended the Lakeland Kennel Club shows in Cold Lake, AB.
Cao won all 6 Best of Breeds as well as 3 Group 2nds, thank you Mr Dave Eadie, Mr Doug
Gaudin and Mr Charles Cyopik. Thank you to Ms Marilyn Mincey for our Group 3rd as well.

We also had the lovely senior puppy bitch, Sheesa (Shih Tzu) owned by Doreen Snowden
on this trip and she picked up 7 points winning Breed over Specials, Best of Opposite over
Specials and BOW and WB, She continued on to win a Group 4th and Best Puppy in Group
along the way! Sheesa will be joining us at a future outing this year to complete her

June 28 - 30, 2013
We attended the Grande Prairie, AB Kennel Club shows and Cao showed very well winning
3 Best of Breeds, a Group 2nd under Ms Carol Graham and 2 Group 4ths under Ms Valerie
Gervais and Mr Bruce Owen.

May 31 - June 3, 2013
Cao and Lorette attended the NACA show and despite the cold and rain had a really good
time winning a Group 2 in very stiff competition under Dr. Rene Echevarria-Cofino from
Puerto Rico. He also won the breed and made the cut in group under Ms Wendy Paquette
and took Best of Opposite under Mr Glen Stark. Ms Sandy Wheat gave Cao the nod for
Best of Breed as well!

May 18 - 20, 2013
Well no snow this year, although the windy evenings were a bit chilly! We had a great time
with friends at the Fort St John show. Cao did us very proud winning 2 Group 1sts (Ms
Denise Cornelssen and Ms Carmen Haller), a Group 2nd (Mr Butch McDonald), a Group 4th
(Ms Cec Ringstrom) and 2 Best of Opposite (Mr Dave Eadie and Mr David Markus).

March 22 - 24, 2013
We braved the crappy weather and headed to the Battle River shows this past weekend
and are very happy to report that Cao and Lorette won all 3 Best of Breeds, a Group 3rd
(Mr Grant Townsend) and 2 Group 4ths (Mr Neil Graves and Ms Sharon Derrick). This
currently places Cao as the # 1 Havanese and the #5 Toy dog in Canada as well as giving
him enough points to qualify for his
GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Not too shabby for just
turning a year old March 9th! Thanks to co-owner David Scheiris for allowing us to co-own
this special little man, as Dave says he definitely is one in a million!

January 25 - 27, 2013
Cao and Lorette flew down to the Ladies Kennel Club shows held in Chilliwack, BC and
came home with a Group 3rd/Best Puppy in Group (Ms Linda Kraft), a Group 4th/Best
Puppy in Group (Mr Tom Alexander) and a Best of Opposite/Best Puppy in Breed (Mr Jack
Ireland). We would like to give a big thank you to our friend Heather Cloran (Aimnhigh
Kennels) for being our hotel, chauffeur and chef - we had a great visit and can't wait to do it

January 19, 2013
Lorette and Ruckus made one more trip into the Specialty ring at the AKC shows in Calgary,
AB. Once again we believe our boy made history winning the first ever Canadian Sheltie
Select Dog ribbon under breeder judge Kim Schive. At 10 1/2 years old this man
never quits giving it his all in the ring! We are so honored to still have him in our lives.


November 30 - December 2, 2012
Lorette and Cao attended the CKOC shows in Calgary, AB and finished his Canadian
Championship in style winning all 3 Best of Breeds, 3 Best Puppy in Breeds and 2 Best of
Winners (before being moved up to Specials) and one Best Puppy in Group. Thank you
judges Kim Ramey-Leblanc, John Rowton and Larry Kereluke.

October  25 - 29, 2012
At the prestigious Lower Mainland Dog Fancier shows Benson made us proud against some
of the toughest Canadian and American Havanese competition we've ever had the pleasure
of competing against!

Under judge James Frederiksen Lorette and Benson were awarded Breed and Group 2 at
the All Breed show and then under judge Michael Forte they won the only
Award of Merit
at the Toy Dog Specialty.

The next day our newest acquisition, Cao wins a 4 point Winners Male ribbon and
Puppy in Group
under judge David Kirland.

Saturday was the Canadian Havanese National and Benson won Best Veteran in Sweeps
under Patrick Kelly and then the only Award of Merit handed out by judge Kenneth
McDermott.  What a way to retire this one of a kind dog from an amazing career. He has
done such good things for the breed - and will always be in our home teaching the newest
dogs how to become  top winning Specials!

Congratulations to our great friend Heather Cloran and her stunning breeder/owner/handled
boy Riley for winning the National - welcome to the club!

On Sunday we came home with our newest boy, thank you to David and Darlene Scheiris for
allowing Cao to move to Canada - we are honored with your trust and promise to make you
proud! *Note Cao already has 3 US points winning BOS/BOW/BPIB over top winning
Specials his first weekend out as a Junior Puppy the weekend before LMDF!

August 9 - 12, 2012
We continued on the EKC shows in Edmonton, and Benson held up like a trooper winning
Best of Breed under John Lewington, Joyce Love and Lynda Saranchuk. Mel Saranchuk
awarded us BOS.

August 3 - 6, 2012
At the AKC shows Benson and Lorette went undefeated all 4 shows: thank you Frank
Cresci, Benjamin Luxton and \doug Windsor for the Best of Breed wins. Special thanks to
Mr. Allan Pepper for the Breed and Group 4th in very tough competition.

July 27 - 29, 2012
Attended the always fun Prince George shows in BC and Benson and Lorette continued
their winning ways! Thank you Terry Carter , Russell \fletcher and Nancy Popovich (Breed),
John Ross and Fred Dewsbury (BOS)  and Larry Kereluke (Group 3rd)

July 12 - 14, 2012
Boo and Lorette had the opportunity to attend the Havanese Club of America's Regional
Specialty and 2012 National Specialty Show in Bloomington, Minnesota. Huge thank you to
Dave and Darlene Scheiris, Steve and Patti Lucas as well as Jane Chavez, Layna, Ashlee
and Chloe for all the love, support and encouragement offered us over the week. You guys
were amazing and I was very proud to be part of the team. My head is still spinning with all
the info you were willing to share.

Benson did exceptionally well and picked up a 2nd in the Open Dog Class at the Regional
Specialty under judge Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson, a 2nd in Veteran's Sweepstakes
under judge Ms. Liz Vargo Tustin and the icing on the cake was his 1s
t place in the Open
Dog Class under judge Mrs. June Penta at the National!!!

June 22 - 24, 2012
This time Benson and Lorette stayed home and played in their own back yard! Again they
won 3 more group placements. Thank you Ms Linda Millman for our most recent Group 1st
and to Mr Skip Stanbridge for the Group 2nd and Mr. Terill Udenberg for the Group 4th.

May 19 - 21, 2012
We had another great long weekend with friends at the Fort St John, BC dog show.
Congratulations to Brenda Chrisatenson on her  blue Sheltie puppy bitch,  Luna attaining
her Canadian Championship - handled all the way start to finish by Lorette.

Lorette and Benson also played at this show and came home with 4 more Group 2nd
placements! Thank you Mr. David Smartwood, Mr. Rick Fehler, Mr Doug Gaudin and Mrs.
Avery Gaudin.

May 5 - 6, 2012
We were off and running in Burns Lake this past weekend and came home with another arm
full of ribbons... MBIS BINSS CH Benson won all 4 breeds, 1 Group 1st and 3 Group 2nds as
well as
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW!!! Thank you Charles Cyopik, Christopher Neilsen, Leslie
Rogers, Honey Glendinning and Gwen Hopper.

We were also lucky enough to be asked by Brenda Christenson to take her 10 month old
Sheltie puppy, Luna along for her first weekend out. After working out a few 'first show' jitters
Luna Bug figured this whole show thing out and came home sporting 6 points!  Congrats


Nov 4 - 6, 2011
This past weekend we attended the shows in Red Deer, AB. Our Sheltie CH Nova picked up
2 Best of Opposites (Sandy Alexander and Lydia Coleman Hutchinson) but we had to pull
him the 3rd day due to a time conflict with our Havanese.

CH Benson did us very very proud picking up another Group 1st (Tom Alexander)  and a
Group 2nd (Lydia Coleman Hutchinson)! He also made the Group cut on the 3rd day.
Thanks again to Doreen Snowden who has been such a tremendous help with all the
grooming tips, his coat has never looked nor felt in better condition - not bad for a boy who
is turning 7 years young tomorrow!

And sadly on Saturday we lost our 16 year old Sheltie boy Taz to the Rainbow Bridge. You
will be forever in our hearts Tazzy Man - love and miss you so much! XOXO

October 27 - 30, 2011
Off to the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers we went - and came home very proud of Nova who
picked up a Best of Opposite, 3 Best Puppy in Breeds and 1 Best Puppy in Group! And of
course we had a conflict with Benson so Doreen (Lorette's mom) showed him for us and
they picked up a Best of Opposite at the Havanese Booster - nicely done!

October 22, 2011
Cameron and Lorette got married!!!

September 22 - 25, 2011
We attended the American shows in Helena, Montana.

Ninja, out client Pom won Best of Breed from the classes to attain his first 3 point major! We
showed him for 2 more days winning RWD each show! Benson, our own little Havanese
(also only shown for 3 days)  won 2 Best of Breeds / Best of Winners from the classes and 1
Best of Opposite / Winners Dog, unfortunately this weekend only gave him 1 point due to
the absentees in the breed.

September 2 - 5, 2011
We headed off to Kamloops BC and had a great time there. Nova picked up all 4 Best of
Breeds and 4 Best Puppy in Breeds as well as winning Best Puppy in Breed at the Working
& Herding Specialty. We also had Ninja (Pom) with us and he won Best of Breed at the Pom
Booster - thank you judge Dr. Michael Woods

August 4 - 7, 2011
Had a great time in Edmonton! Our Havanese Benson won all 4 best of breeds and made
the cut in a very quality packed Group every day! And our new Ch Nova did us proud again
winning 4 BOS and 4 Best Puppy in Breeds as well as 1 Best Puppy in Group and his 2nd

Thank you to Ms Terry Carter for this win - we are absolutely
thrilled and honoured for such a great win at such a prestigious show

July 22 - 24, 2011
We attended the Prince George, BC shows and are thrilled with the results!  Nova is now
another LorWin home bred  Canadian Champion in only his second weekend out. He
accumulated 5 Best of Breeds, 6 Best Puppy in Breeds and 3 Group 4th placements (Mr Al
Bennett, Mr Michael Lanctot and Mrs Patricia Lanctot) - not bad for a 7 month old baby boy!

Also another huge congratulations going out to Melody and Joan McMurphy as their boy
Ninja and handler Lorette won another
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & Group 1st (Mr Richard
Lopaschuk), a Group 2nd (Mr Michael Lanctot) and a Group 3rd (Ms Donna Cole)

June 24 - 26, 2011
We had a fantastic weekend! Congratulations to Melody and Joan McMurphy, their little
black Pom "Ninja" won all 6 breeds and took 3 Group placings, a Group 2nd (Ms Laura
Thompson) and two Group 4ths (Mr Tim Doxtater and Ms Heather Lanfeld).

Benson the Havanese also had a great weekend winning all 6 breeds and took a Group 2nd
(Ms Mike MacBeth) and two Group 3rds (Mr Tim Doxtater and Ms Heather Langfeld).

But the star who stole the show from the big boys was our home bred baby boy, Mr. Nova!
Making his debut at 6 months 11 days old  Mr Nova came home with 9 points, two Best
Puppy in Groups and one
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!! To say we are proud does not even
begin to explain our emotions! And the best part of the entire event was that all 3 people
who helped to keep this boy alive during his very traumatic entrance into this world
(Cameron, Joan and Whitney) were there to witness his amazing debut! Thank you to Ms.
Mike MacBeth who wrote "The first of many yet to come!" on the back of his BPIS ribbon for
this very special win! We are anticipating great things for this boy

May 20 - 22, 2011
We attended one of our favorite shows and this time were awarded with not only a great
haul of ribbons but were blessed with great weather too - no snow!!!

Congratulations to owner Melody McMurphy and our biggest fan, Joan McMurphy - Lorette
showed MBIS MRBIS Ch "Ninja" to another
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!! Thank you Ms Judi
Shurb for this wonderful win!  "Ninja" was also awarded 2 Group 2nds (Ms Susan Badick and
Ms Geraldine Taylor).

Benson came out once again to play in some pretty stiff competition and although he never
placed in the Group we were thrilled with his 2 Best of Breed wins! Thank you again to Ms
Susan Badick and Ms Geraldine Taylor. Also thank you to the young Miss Emily Dorma who
showed Benson in the Group ring for us

May 7 - 8, 2011
Our first show out for the year and way a way to start!!! Benson and Lorette hit the
conformation ring after a 4 year hiatus and continue to make breed history by winning
BEST IN SHOW their first time out! Thank you Mr Tom Alexander for this very
exciting start to our year! Benson was also awarded a Group 3rd under Bud Haverstock.

We also took our little black Pom, BIS MRBIS GCh "Ninja" and are pleased to announce that
he came home with a ribbon of every colour for owner Melody McMurphy! (Happy Birthday
to Ninja's biggest fan, Joan!!!) Group 1st (Fred Dewsbury), a Group 2nd (Bruce Owen), a
Group 3rd (Tom Alexander) and a Group 4th (Bud Haverstock). Thank you to Jenn de Boer
(Zesta Shelties) for stepping in and lending a hand when Lorette ended up with 2 dogs
playing in the same Group


December 10, 2010
We welcomed the arrival of 2 sable boys and 1 sable girl  to loving Mamma "Ch Gigi" and
proud Papa "Ch Booker". Please welcome Nova, Drummer and Mia to the LorWin Crew!
Huge thanks to Joan and Melody McMurphy, Robin Clemas and Whitney Williams for all you
help, time and patience with this litter - your friendship is amazing and we will never know
how to repay your kindness. We love you all so very very much! xoxo

July 17 & 18, 2010
We had another amazing weekend with our little client Pom and our own Ch Booker baby -
this time in Prince George, BC! We went down and played in 4 shows over the weekend and
came home very very happy! Congrats to Joan and Melody McMurphy - Mr. Ninja won three
Group 1sts (Mr. Ed Bajona, Ms. Deborah Graffman and Ms. Margret Jones) and a Group
2nd (Mr. Melvin Beech) and also his 2nd
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW (Ms. Margaret Jones).
Our own baby Ch Booker (co-owned with Laura Thompson and Jenn de Boer) was awarded
four Best of Opposites, four Best Puppy in Breeds and two Best Puppy in Groups (Ms.
Deborah Graffman and Mr. Melvin Beech) bringing his total up to 14 BPIGs - and he only
turns 8 months old tomorrow - this is going to be one amazing show dog!

June 25 - 27, 2010
We got to stay home this weekend as the show was in our own back yard! We had an
amazing time and got to visit alot of friends - although visiting time was not long enough!
Our client Pom, BIS CH Pomdell's Ninja Warrior, had another fantastic weekend holding his
own in a very competitive Toy Group. Ninja was awarded two Group 1sts (Ms. Margaret
Jones & Mrs. Avery Gaudin), two Group 2nds (Mrs. Letitia Bett & Mr. Doug Gaudin) as well
as two Group 3rds (Mr. Charles Bett & Mrs Lynda Berar). Our own 7 month old Sheltie baby,
Booker, is now a
Canadian Champion picking up 7 more points over the weekend and 6
more Best Puppy in Groups bring his total Puppy Group wins to 12! We are absolutely
thrilled with him - he finished in only 3 weekends! Ruckus also came out to play at his home
show and did us proud again winning a Group 1st (Mr Doug Gaudin) and two Group 2nds
(Mrs Avery Gaudin & Ms. Margaret Jones) Thanks everyone for all your positive comments
on our crew - we had a great time and can't wait to see you all again soon!

June 11 - 13, 2010
We had a very eventful trip to the Yukon and back to say the least! I am very proud to
announce that Joan and Melody' McMurphy's little black Pom is now a
Richard Lopaschuk) and
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW (Mr. John Rowton) winner! Ninja won 4
Group 1sts (Mr Doug Gaudin, Mrs Avery Gaudin, Mr. Richard Lopaschuk and Mr John
Rowton) as well as 1 Best of Opposite (Ms Susan Quesnel). I am very honoured to have
been part of it all and would like to thank Joan and Melody for trusting me with their treasure.
Booker was also at the show and picked up 2 more points and 5 more Best Puppy in
Groups! We are on the dreaded 9 points but will hopefully finish him at our next set of
shows! Booker also won his junior Puppy Class in Puppy Sweeps and went Best of Opposite
in the Overall competition too! Not too shabby for our little junior puppy dog - we are so
proud of him and can't thank Jenn de Boer and Laura Thompson (Zesta Shelties) enough
for sharing him with us!

May 21, 2010
Booker makes his show debut at the Fort St John and District Kennel Club and wins a Group
3rd and Best Puppy in Group from the junior puppy class and picks up 4 points under Mrs.
Patricia Lanctot. He then shows to Mr. Michael Lanctot and picks up another 3 points by
winning Best of Winners! We are thrilled with his debut and can't wait to see what the future
holds for this very promising young man! Oh - and he also won his Junior Puppy Class and
Best of Opposite in the Overall Puppy Sweeps competition! Thanks to Jenn and Laura for all
their support and for sharing him with us - he is all that we wanted and a bag of chips! ;0)

April 17, 2010
Ruckus and  Lorette went to play in the Sheltie Specialty in Edmonton, AB - in the veteran's
class of course! Ruckus won his third Best Veteran Male (7 - 9 years class), awarded by Ms
Kathy Wilkins. We are so thrilled with him - he still loves the ring and it goes to show that you
can take the dog out of the show, but you can never take the show out of a true show dog!
Love you Ruck! Thanks for making your mommy so so so very proud

March 29, 2010
Off to Camrose we went with our little black Pomeranian client dog, Mr. Ninja, a.k.a Ch
Pomdell's Ninja Warrior. There  he was awarded BOB and a Group 4th on Sunday under Mr.
Edward MacDonald. Congratulations Joan and Melody McMurphy.

February 5 - 6, 2010
Ruckus made his debut as a veteran dog and won his class (7 - 9 years) both times shown.
We are very proud of our boy, he still has what it takes and loved every minute of being in
the ring again - in fact onlookers could not believe he is coming 8 years old this fall.  He will
be out a little more this year - he has once again proven that he is not ready to give the ring
up just quite yet! ;0


June 26 - 28, 200
We brought Ruckus out for one more weekend ~ just to have a little fun ~ and came home
very very happy! He won 2 more Group 1sts (Ms Edna St. Hilaire and Mr Richard
Lopaschuk), 2 more Group 2nds (Mr Peter Machen and Mr John Ross) as well as a Group
3rd (Mr Henry Moulton). Ruckus just keeps proving himself over and over and over again -
our almost 7 year old still has what it takes and we are so very very proud of him!

May 16 - 18, 2009
Forecasting snow or not, we packed the trailer and off we headed for Taylor, BC... and snow
it did... however we had a blast and achieved a lot!

We had Ruckus entered in 5 shows and he came home with 5 Group placements! Group 1st
(Mrs Donna Cole), 2 Group 2nds (Mrs Jaquie Rusby and Mrs Shelia Verhulst) a Group 3rd
(Mr Christopher Neilsen) and a Group 4th (Mr Bob Verhulst). The old man showed once
again that he can keep up with the young ones and he loved every minute of it!

We also had 2 client dogs there and had amazing weekend with them as well. Firstly we
were awarded another 9 points and achieved a
Canadian Championship on Mr. Ninja, Ch
Pomdell's Ninja Warrior, the black Pomeranian owned by Ms Melody McMurphy.
Congratulations!  Two weekends out and he is finished! We also started and finished
Canadian Championship
on Miss Kiwi, Ch Kaskadeena's Kiwigana Gold, a beautiful
Golden Retriever bitch owned by Margaret and Jim Little by winning 11 points in just one
weekend. Congratulations to them as well!

And many congrats to all of Lorette's handling students, all of whom were winning or placing
in their Groups, winning Best Puppy in Groups and picking up points all weekend long! I am
so happy for and proud of you all - you rock! Congratulations!!!! Well deserved!

April 4 - 5, 2009
We decided to go to a show as it's been a while since we've seen our friends - one of the
downfalls of living so far north! So off we went to Red Deer for the weekend...

We took 2 client dogs with us: Ninja, a black male Pomeranian owned by Ms Melody
McMurphy picked up 2 points (Ms Betty Stepkovitch) and Venus, a female Miniature Long
Haired Dachshund owned by Lynda Brown picked up 1 point from the Junior Puppy Class
winning Best of Opposite over a Specials bitch (Mrs Cec Ringstrom).

We also need to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Jenn de Boer of Zesta Kennels. Jenn showed
Ruckus for us (we had a prior engagement in Edmonton) on Saturday and she did us very
proud! Her and Ruckus won the breed and a Group 2nd under Mr Jack Ireland! Lorette
showed Ruckus on Sunday and won Best of Opposite under Everitt Mincey. Our 6 1/2 year
proved he still has what it takes to play with the young dogs - he never stopped and loved
the ring as much as ever - who knows what the future has in store for him?


August 29, 2008
Today we decided to let 2 of our dogs go to new forever homes... Karma (Sheltie girl) will be
living with Monica Phelan in Edmonton, AB however is still owned by Lorette.

Bella (Havanese girl) was purchased by Gail and Frank Dame in Nanimo, BC but remains on
co-ownership with Emily Dorma.

We are sad to see our fur kids leave but know that they are in great hands and will be
getting the individual one on one time they so deeply deserve. My thanks to all who showed
interest in these dogs, making the decision to let them go was not an easy one.

June 27 - 29, 2008
We stayed home this weekend and played 3 shows with Ruckus who attained 3 more Best of
Breed wins and 3 more Group placements.  Group 1st (Ms Judy Shurb), Group 2nd (Mr Tom
Alexander) and Group 3rd (Ms Betty McHugh).

Our nice surprise this weekend came when we showed Ms Bella in 4 shows.  She attained 4
Best of Opposites, 2 Best Puppy in Breeds (over a Special) and her 2nd  Best Puppy in
Group.  Thank you Ms Judy Shurb!

Lorette also showed Harley (Benson's sire) in 2 shows and won 2 Best of Breeds as well as
a Group 1st (Ms Maida Puterman) and a Group 2nd (Ms Judy Shurb - breed win was won
under Mr Terry Gains).

Thanks to all who helped and offered support after Lorette took a tumble with Ruckus on the
slippery floor in the Group ring... she is a little bruised and battered but will be up and at it in
no time at all! You sure learn how many friends you have when a spill happens! Thanks to
all those who cared enough to offer assistance!

May 17 - 19, 2008
We attended the FSJ&DKC shows in BC this past weekend and came home with more than
we could have hoped for!  Miss Bella started her show career with a bang winning her first 5
points by going Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group under Ms Ann Hennigan - thank you for
this lovely win!

Ruckus came back out to play after a 6 month rest period and came home with two Group
2nds (Mr Walter Pinsker & Ms Ann Hennigan), two Group 1sts  (Ms Barbara Watt & Mr
Richard Paquette) as well as hi
s 13th BEST IN SHOW - thank you Ms Barbara Watt for all
your wonderful comments on our boy!

Congratulations also goes out to all the amazing handlers who attended our past handling
seminar and current handling classes - all won big and deserve a great round of applause -
you all made me so proud! Hugs!

March 20 - 21, 2008
We attended 2 of the 4 days shows in Maple Ridge, BC (Oceanside Kennel Club) before the
snow and cold had us heading back to northern Alberta to warm up! LOL!  The first day of
showing saw "Miss Josie" attain he
r Canadian Championship by winning BOS, BOW/WB
for 4 more points - giving her with a total of 12 points in only 3 days of showing! Congrats to
Pam and Serena Marshall, I know you are in a hurry to get her home - but know she will be
sorely missed at LorWin!

Day two saw our newest little Havanese, Miss Bella,  make her debut  winning her class and
taking Reserve Winner's Bitch from the Junior Puppy Class - special thanks to her co-owner,
Ms Emily Dorma who was a great help to us over the weekend!


November 30, 200
Attending the CKOC shows in Calgary, AB, Ruckus did not fail to make us proud one last
time this year by winning his
200th career Best of Breed under Australian judge Mr Roger
Brigford who also went on to give him a Group 4th ~ thank you for helping us achieve this

November 16, 2007
Ruckus and Lorette attended the Northwinds final November show in Winnipeg, MB and
were very honored to win the Group 1st under Ms Sharon Derrick.

November 10 - 11, 2007
Wow, what an exhausting weekend!  Ruckus was awarded Best of Breed (Mr Ed Wild and
Ms Kathleen Guimond) and went onto win another Group 1st, thank you Mr Wild. Benson
was awarded 4 Best of Breeds and a Group 3rd (Mr Ed Wild) and our Californian visitor, Ms
Josie picked up 8 points by winning 2 BOW and 3 WB ribbons! Thank you Mr Wild, Ms
Guimond and Mr Archie Warnock.

November 2, 2007
We boogied down to Red Deer, AB for their fall show and were very pleased to come home
with a Group 1st on Ruckus under judge Mrs Andrena Burnotte! Not so pleased to see snow
sticking to the ground though! LOL!

October 19 - 21, 2007
Once again Ruckus was out  playing at the Belleville Ontario shows.  Friday saw them win
the breed and take a Group 3rd under Mrs Elaine Whitney, Saturday Mr James Reynolds
awarded them Best of Breed at the Sheltie Booster and Sunday he was once again awarded
Best of Breed under Mr Donald Duncan.

October 12 - 14, 2007
We are very pleased to report that Ruckus was awarded a Group 2nd under Ms Jaqueline
Rusby, a Group 3rd under Mr John Ross and a Group 3rd under Ms Geraldine Taylor in
Port Alberni, BC  this weekend.

October 6, 2007
Under breeder/judge Mr Leslie Rogers, Ruckus and Lorette were awarded Best of Breed
and a Group 2nd at the Working/Herding Specialty held in Red Deer, AB.  This was Ruckus
2nd Breed and Gr 2 at this Specialty as he was awarded this honor last year as well. Thanks
also going out to Mrs Jenn de Boer who expertly handled our Ruckus daughter, Soda.  They
looked absolutely beautiful together.

September 28 - 30, 2007
Ruckus came home with 2 Best of Opposites and Benson did us very proud winning 3 more
Best of Breeds and making the cut in a quality packed Toy Group.  We also had little LB the
Pom with us on this trip and although he did not win the Breed he has made some huge
strides in attitude and has really gotten the hang of the ring

September 21 - 23, 2007
We attended the Mt Cheam shows in beautiful Chilliwack BC.  Ruckus did very well winning
all 3 Best of Breeds and came home with another Group 2nd, a Group 3rd and a Group 4th.
Thank you Ms Iris Glynn (Australia), Ms Barbara Watt and Ms Sharon Derrick. Benson was
also in attendance and came home with 3 Best of Opposites to the beautiful Ms Cruiser.

August 24 - 26, 2007
We attended the shows held in beautiful Cranbrook, BC this weekend.  Ruckus did us very
proud again coming  home with another Group 1st, a Group 2nd and another
Award of Merit

Benson was also along for the ride and picked up 3 more Best of Breeds. And Ms Soda was
also there and did us extremely proud winning Best Puppy in the All Breed Sweepstakes.

We would like to thank Reshaun Willis for coming along and helping us out, we hope to have
him with us at a few more shows over the next year - but school comes first, right
Reshaun!?! Luv ya

August 3 - 6, 2007
Once again we found ourselves frantically busy in Calgary, AB this past long weekend. We
owe thanks to many people who stepped in and helped out with all the conflicts we had, Ms
Mandy Rice and Mr Aaron Andriash.

Ruckus won the breed and brought home a Group 2nd on Friday under judge Ms Annika
Ullviet-Moe, unfortunately our Miss Soda was left home as she came into season and would
have been a huge distraction to our boys... however the weekend belonged to our little
Havanese, Benson.

Benson won Group 1st under Mr Norm Patton, a Group 2nd under Mr Carlos
Fernandez-Renau and a Group 3rd under Mrs Dorthy McDonald, he also took the Best of
Breed wins under Mrs Marie Merchant and Mr Richard Beauchamp over some very stiff
competition. However our little man did not stop there and created breed history yet again,
this time winning Best of Breed at th
e 2007 Canadian Havanese National! Thank you Mr
Carlos Fernandez-Renau (Spain) for awarding us this honor. We are so pleased and proud
that our little man won 5 of the 6 Best of Breeds available.

Congrats is also going out to Joan McMurphy who's little Pomeranian, Ch Crystalton
Something To Squawk About, (aka L.B.)  made the cut in very tough competition every
single day!

July 20 - 22, 2007
Well we had a very busy weekend in Prince George, BC this weekend.  With 4 dogs and 6
shows it was non stop running and we are very glad to be home and looking forward to the
upcoming weekend at home to recuperate!

Ruckus won all 6 Breeds and picked up 3 Group 1sts (Mr Charles Cyopik, Ms Terry Carter
and Mr John Rowton), 2 Group 2nds (Ms Phyllis Wolfish and Mr Neil Graves) and 1 Group
3rd (Mr John Ross)

Soda had a great weekend and has become LorWin'
She won 4 Winners Bitch and 2 Best of Winners the first 2 days before being bumped up to
the Specials Class.  She also won 5 more Best Puppy in Breeds!

Benson (our Havanese) won all 6 Best of Breeds and also placed in the Group winning 2
Group 3rds (Mr Charles Cyopik and Ms Terry Carter) and 2 Group 4ths (Mr John Rowton
and Mr John Ross).

Our client Pomeranian, little L.B. (owned by Mrs Joan McMurphy, bred by Ms Carol Graham)
won 3 Best of Breeds and 3 Best of Opposite Sex and also picked up a Group 4th (Ms Terry
Carter) along the way.

.June 22 - 24, 2007
This weekend we were in the hot and windy city of Lethbridge, AB.  Ruckus showed
wonderfully and came home with 2 more Group 1sts (Mr Neil Graves and Ms Sharon
Derrick) and ar Group 2nd (Mr Rick Fehler). Soda was once again in the ring and was
awarded one more RWB and another Best Puppy in Breed.

June 15 - 17, 2007
We headed back up north to beautiful Whitehorse, YK for the Yukon Kennel Club shows
and what another amazing weekend we had!  Ruckus did us proud once again winnin
This brings his BIS's to a total of TWELVE, still all owner
handled! Thank you judges Mr Sonny Tougas, Mr Larry Kereluke and Ms Sue Ellyn Rempel
for helping make our dreams come true.  We would also like to thank Mr Walter Pinsker and
Mr Henry Moulton for the 2 Group 1sts and Ms Michelle Billings for the Group 2nd.

Also on this trip was our Ruckus daughter, Soda.  She came home sporting another 3 point
win which brings her total to 6 points.  She won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of
Opposite Sex (to her daddy) under Mr Sonny Tougas.  She picked up 4 more Reserve
Winners Bitch and swept the Puppy Breed winning all 6 over the senior puppies... not bad
for our little junior girl!  We love the fact the she is following so closely in daddy's pawprints

June 2 - 3, 2007
At the NACA shows held in Edmonton, AB Ruckus was awarded Best of Breed (Mr Bud
Haverstock) and a Group 4th (breeder judge Mrs Alane Gomez), as well as Best of Opposite
Sex (New Zealand judge Ms Kathleen Hardwick).

May 19 - 21, 2007
We headed to BC for the long weekend and attended the FSJ&D KC shows.  In tow we had
Benson, our Havanese, and he was awarded a Gr 1st (Ms Dianne Ivey), a Gr 2nd (Mr F.M.
MacDonald) and two Group 4ths (Mr Allan Brown and Mr David McIntyre). Ruckus was
awarded a Group 1st (Mr David McIntyre) and a Group 3rd (Mr Allan Brown), however the
highlight of our weekend was our Ms Soda who made her show debut by winning a 3 point
WB/BOW/BPIB/BPIG (over a Special) and
a Best Puppy in Show win!!!  Thank you Ms
Betty McHugh for appreciating our girl as much as we do; we can't wait to get her out again!

May 5 - 6, 2007
At the Lakes District Kennel Club shows held in Burns Lake, BC, Lorette and Ruckus swept
the Herding Group winning all 4 Group 1sts. Thank you Mr Bruce Owen, Ms Leslie Belfit, Mr
Ed Wild and Ms Carmen Haller

April 23, 2007
Ruckus and Lorette attended the EKC show in Edmonton, Alberta and came home with Best
of Breed and another Group 1st, thank Dr John Reeve-Newson for this lovely win.

March 29 - April 1, 2007
Ruckus and Lorette were in Maple Ridge, BC at the Oceanside Kennel Club shows this past
weekend and won all 4 Breeds and picked up another two Group 1sts, a Group 2nd and a
Group 3rd. On Thursday Ruckus also attained his CGN making him

March 25, 2007
Ruckus and Lorette ran down to the Mt Cheam show in Chilliwack, BC  for the Friday show
and won a Group 1st under Mr Neil Graves

March 2 - 4, 2007
Lorette and Ruckus attended the CKOC shows in Calgary, Alberta and had another
amazing weekend winning all 3 Group 1sts and continuing on to win anothe
r TWO more
k BEST IN SHOWS!! (He now has a total of NINE - all owner handled!) Thank
you very much to Ms Judi Shurb, Mr David Markus and Mr John Ross for another
memorable weekend!

February 2, 2007
Lorette and Ruckus were awarded Group 1st by Ms Christina Hubbel at the huge Alberta
Kennel Club show in Calgary, Alberta

January 20 - 21, 2007
Lorette and Ruckus attended the Rose City Cluster shows in Portland, Oregon and came
home with a
n American Championship. Mrs Chris Walkowicz awarded Ruckus Best of
Breed over Specials for a 5 point major (an entry of 66 Shelties) and went on to give him a
Group 3rd that evening   Mrs Dorothy Hutchinson also awarded Ruckus Best of Breed over
Specials (an entry of 60 Shelties) for another 5 point major.  Wow is all I can say a this point,
what a way to start our year!2019